30 essential skills to know before you turn 30

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Handle job hunting and interviews

Job searches and interviews tend to be a way of life after college, and by the time you hit 30, you should have mastered this skill. Granted, this is all about confidence. If you are confident in your skills and able to talk about that with someone else (particularly an interviewer), then you can handle a job interview. Remember to ask questions and know about the company you have applied to. Be charming and show them that you are the person they need and want.

Make a budget

Remember when we talked about your finances? Well making a budget is important, too. A budget allows you to get all of your bills taken care of, while also allotting money for fun and other things. Having a budget can also help when the unexpected happens. You never know what might pop up, but when you work out your budget, you can find ways to handle all of life’s drama and mishaps.

Fact check

The term fake news has infiltrated every aspect of life and that means you need to be a fact checker. When you “learn something new,” it is critical that you verify what you have learned. Fact checking is beneficial for so many different aspects of life, including work and relationships. What if someone gives you the wrong info at work for a project? Or what if you spread false news during a work event or party, and you become that person who has no idea what they’re talking about? By checking the facts, you can catch yourself from making huge mistakes.

Efficient reading skills

To go along with fact-checking, it is also useful to be a more efficient reader. This does not really go for pleasure reading, but rather reading in order to gather information and news. Being an efficient reader means being able to pinpoint the information the author was trying to convey quickly. This can help cut down time when you have to do research, and that is definitely a good thing when it comes to getting work done. As an adult, you don’t really have anyone helping you out with things like reading comprehension. So if you can make your reading quick, efficient, and all about finding the important details, you will be able to handle any assignment (work-related) that comes your way.

Making a good impression

When meeting someone for the first time, be it for a job interview, meeting your significant other’s parents, or just socializing while out and about, you should aim to show off the best version of yourself. Look people in the eyes when you speak to them. Make sure you don’t have an attitude. Smile and shake hands when offered. Being polite is a solid way of making a good impression, whether this is your first meeting or one of many.