Watch Laurie Strode wish Michael Myers a happy Halloween in new trailer


The new Halloween trailer lets fans enjoy some chills at the hands of Michael Myers and some thrills at the actions of Laurie Strode.

“Happy Halloween, Michael.” How on earth are three words so full of a burning desire for revenge as well as almost a little amusement — or even relief — just by saying them? Well, the acting skills of Jamie Lee Curtis probably have something to do with all three. She’s had 40 years to hone this character.

The new trailer for Halloween certainly emphasizes just how long it’s been for Laurie, who has everything from security doors to gun lockers in preparation for the day she might see Michael Myers again. While the first trailer went for some flat-out scares (and the teeth get a repeat appearance in today’s new trailer), this one is more about tension.

Okay, there are also scares, though. Michael gets a few kills of his own. But rather than show the presumably gory death scenes, it’s all about Michael stalking his way from house to house; later, Laurie pursues him, calling him by name, clearly trying to lure him so she can put her weapons to good use.

All of that suspense leads to the final shots, with Michael attacking Laurie through a door. Even though we as viewers probably expect it coming — and Laurie honestly seems a little too smart to actually be caught this way — it can still make you jump because the preceding bits of the trailer don’t have that same payoff.

Of course, the music helps with that. There’s the driving version of the theme, followed by a much darker, slower iteration at the end. That theme alone can call up the chills, as noted in the YouTube comments for this trailer. But it’s used judiciously enough here to not parody itself.

Check out the trailer below:

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Halloween arrives a little early this year — Oct. 19.