3 best moments from the terrifying Halloween trailer


Sometimes, horror movies lean too far into the horror in their trailers. Halloween’s revival, meanwhile, knows how to balance the scares.

Full disclosure here: Most of this writer’s experiences with Halloween as a franchise come from the general aspects of it that have found their way into general pop culture knowledge. Like how it helped Jamie Lee Curtis make it to the big time and that Michael Myers’ mask is actually based on a William Shatner mask.

But that doesn’t discount my ability to enjoy a good horror movie trailer or pick up on what the new Halloween movie is putting down.

What it’s putting down is some legitimate scares and a very different story than most horror movie sequels. First, check out the trailer below:

Let’s dive into the best — not necessarily scariest — moments of Halloween‘s first trailer.

“I brought something…”

Maybe bringing a notorious killer the mask that he wore after 40 years without it was not the best idea ever had by a horror movie character. Just going to throw that out there. This moment is not only good because of how quickly we realize that this is a bad idea, but because of the reactions of the others out in the yard. Michael remains perfectly still. It’s all the others who know what’s coming.

“You don’t believe in the bogeyman. You should.”

Laurie Strode, in this movie anyway, has had 40 years to process what happened to her on Halloween night in 1978. She has grandchildren now, as well as adult children who don’t quite understand why she’s so worried about a bus crash. But she remembers how she survived, and she’s more than willing to call out those who think this is a bit more like research than anything else.

The teeth

You didn’t think we weren’t going to talk about any of the gory moments, did you?

Now, we could talk about why this is scary aside from the fact that it’s Michael Myers dropping bloody, recently-extracted teeth into an occupied bathroom stall and then dragging said occupant out, presumably in a quest to actually retrieve his mask. But just go back to that first bit there:

Michael Myers pulled out someone’s teeth presumably in order to terrify someone else.

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At least we know that Halloween is probably going to be terrifying when it arrives on Oct. 19.