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“Eye of the Storm” (Season 3, Episode 13)

What happens: Now in Jamaica (it’s a long story), Claire and Jamie stop Geillis (who is alive after all!) from going through the portal at Abandawe, which is basically another place where people can fall through time, a la Craigh na Dun. Geillis, you see, heard a prophecy and convinced herself that killing Bree in the future is the only way to ever get a Scot on the throne. Again, it’s a long story.

After the Geillis situation is figured out (i.e. Claire kills her), the Frasers and Jamie’s nephew Ian set sail back home but are shipwrecked on the shore of Georgia — and season 4’s premise is established.

Why it’s important: Outlander finally leaves Jamaica! Given its awkward handling of race, the very boring episodes at sea and Claire and Jamie’s Separation: Maritime Edition, the Jamaica arc of season 3 leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, the New World breathes new life into the Frasers’ adventures.

That being said, “Eye of the Storm” does hint that the series will explore its mystical side in future episodes. Even if we don’t get answers about why or how certain people are able to travel through time, it would great if Claire and Jamie discovered yet another portal near his aunt’s home in North Carolina. It’s time someone besides Claire and Geillis got the chance to jump through time.

The best part: Geillis being her weird, witty self even on the brink of insanity. Seriously, her repeatedly calling Jamie “fox” is pretty much why this episode made this list.

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Outlander will make its return to Starz for season 4 on Nov. 4.