Star Wars Episode IX could be adding another female character


Even though production for Star Wars Episode IX is already underway, rumor has it that there are still roles out there that we haven’t heard much about yet.

Let’s face it: Star Wars could still use more women in key roles. Even with the debut of characters like Qi’ra, Rose, and Admiral Holdo in the most recent Star Wars films, the imbalance is still pretty stark. And even though the franchise has mostly focused on casting white actors for Episode IX (with Matt Smith just the latest among them), it seems as though a new rumor might just help with one if not both of these issues.

That Hashtag Show reports that Lucasfilm is “open to any ethnicity” to cast a role codenamed Karina, who has “a good sense of humor, solid comedic timing and a strong voice.” So, not only could Episode IX maybe have an additional woman, it could be a woman of color. The wording of the report suggests that this is a role that hasn’t been filled yet, which should rule out Keri Russell (who has already filmed) and Naomi Ackie, the two already-confirmed new actresses for Episode IX.

Unfortunately, what we do know about Karina isn’t much; the only other descriptor focuses on her “street smarts and sharp wit.” Taken with the emphasis on comedy, it seems as though she might get some zingers; it also suggests that she might not be part of the First Order, which both doesn’t do well with those who have a strong voice (unless you’re Kylo Ren or another higher-up) and those who have senses of humor that actually function. Granted, there are funny moments in First Order scenes, but they don’t really come in the form of lines so much. For example, Kylo Ren’s tantrum during The Force Awakens is funny because the stormtroopers back away, and also because he’s a giant manchild.

That all being said, we could see Karina as someone that Finn and Poe encounter, thanks to those recent set photos.

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