John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson reunite for a The Office/Jack Ryan mash-up


For fans of The Office, many of us miss Jim and Dwight fighting with each other. Lucky for us all, Funny or Die has us covered with Jim Ryan.

Jim Ryan is the fictional masterpiece of our dreams! And all it had to take was John Krasinski getting some bad-ass roles after his time starring as Jim Halpert on the NBC hit The Office. Since, he’s taken on Tom Clancy’s classic CIA agent, Jack Ryan. The Amazon Prime original series is set to premiere on August 31 and seems to be just as action-packed as the previous film franchise was.

In a timely bit, Funny or Die decided to mash up Krasinski’s Halpert with his Jack Ryan in a new video. But Jim isn’t the only The Office alumn in this parody.

Fans of The Office will remember the continual prank war between Dwight and Jim. Funny or Die remembered as well, and did the Lord’s work by combining our love of these two characters.

Watch below:

Dwight Schrute, a man who was convinced that the CIA was talking to him (because of a prank from Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly), set as a villain against Jack Ryan? Yes, please! We love seeing mash-ups of John Krasinski with his former castmates from The Office! Remember when he and Roy had to save Pam in 13 Hours?

But there is something so brilliant about this video. It matches perfectly to the actual trailer released by Amazon and maybe Dwight Schrute really was a spy after all.

While it is funny, all the video does is make us want to see a reboot of The Office happen faster. And John Krasinski even has ideas for it! Or maybe someone can write in a cameo for Rainn Wilson on Jack Ryan and, finally, the CIA can take on Dwight K. Schrute’s services.

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Jack Ryan is out on Amazon Prime on August 31. Catch John Krasinski as Tom Clancy’s iconic role but, unfortunately, there will be now Dwight Schrute (for now).