Bradley Cooper shares the sweet reason he cast Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born


Bradley Cooper tops our list of celebs we heart, and now we love him even more for his confession about why he cast Lady Gaga for A Star Is Born.

As director of A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper surprised everyone by going waaaay outside the box in casting Lady Gaga for the lead role. For those still caught up in the casting conundrum, Cooper just provided solid reasons why.

At a Star Is Born press conference during the Venice Film Festival on Friday, Lady Gaga and Bradley described how they formed a bond over their Italian heritage, reported Variety. But it was Cooper who confessed his love for the singer.

Bradley admitted that he initially didn’t know that Gaga was Italian. But when they first met and were enjoying homemade food that she had made herself, Cooper learned of their shared roots.

“I remember when we first met, after 10 minutes we were eating homemade food that she cooked — I love to eat — and that was actually a huge bond that we both came from East Coast Italian-American families,” recalled Bradley. “We had a real synchronicity on that level from our upbringing.”

But aside from that “you’re Italian; I’m Italian” serendipity, Cooper was candid about falling “in love with her face and eyes.”

While Bradley was adorably honest about swooning for Gaga’s gorgeous features, she was just as truthful about her appreciation for Cooper in his role as a director. Gaga’s fans know just how skillful she is when it comes to transforming herself with often over-the-top cosmetics and clothes. But when it came to showcasing the vulnerability required for her role as Ally in Star As Born, Lady Gaga had to let go of her fondness for makeup and fashion that hide her true self.

Bradley guided Gaga through the process of unveiling her vulnerable side, removing her makeup himself when she came to the set for the first time. Lady Gaga also reflected on why A Star Is Born deserved another remake and what the experience meant to her.

“It’s a story about love and about what Bradley refers to as the human plight of addiction. It was a remarkable experience for me.”

Although it’s been years since Lady Gaga entered the competitive music industry. she hasn’t forgotten the challenges she faced. Those memories helped her understand Ally’s battle to become a star.

“When I started out, I was not the most beautiful girl in the room,” recalled Gaga. “[Producers] wanted to take my songs and give [them] to other singers but… I held on to them.”

“They made suggestions about how I should look,” she added. “I didn’t want to be viewed like other women, be sexy like other women. I wanted to have my own vision.”

Cooper revealed that the look of his debut film was inspired by a Metallica concert.

In addition to going for the unexpected in casting, first-time director Bradley got his ideas for the composition from a Metallica concert.

“I’m a huge fan of Metallica,” Cooper revealed. “About six years ago I was at Metallica concert [standing behind the drum kit] and I saw the scope of it… and thought, wow, this composition is incredible and that’s what it feels to be on stage, to be a rock star… So in the movie, you’re always on the stage.”

Look for more from Bradley in the near future. He devoted four years of his life to creating A Star Is Born, and at 43, he cherished the experience.

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“I’m 43 years old and I feel that time is biggest currency and I have to utilize it to the best degree as possible,” said Cooper. “If I can continue to do [what I love], if Warner Bros. allows me to continue to tell these stories, then that’s what I’ll do.”