25 beloved television shows we really miss

Cast members of NBC's comedy series "Friends." (Photo by Warner Bros. Television)
Cast members of NBC's comedy series "Friends." (Photo by Warner Bros. Television) /
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Let’s just say that we miss the first few seasons of Heroes and the potential the show had. For many, that first season was their introduction into the world of superheroes while also showing both the light and the dark sides of being a hero.

Heroes was canceled after season 4 due to low ratings. For the loyal fans who never gave up, the love for the show gave us Heroes Reborn, which only lasted one season before getting canceled once again.

Unlike other shows with comic book-like elements, Heroes didn’t have a complex universe you had to understand first before going into the show; instead, it laid out these heroes for you and you knew what you were getting yourself into week after week. However, it never sacrificed that complexity, and it still built a strong mythos all on its own.

Honestly, we miss the characters and the cast even more than the storylines. Starring Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka, Zachary Quinto, and so many more, we can see how some fresh seasons with these faces would be worth it. After all, Hiro probably has a lot of time traveling left to do, and there’s probably something Sylar could get up to. (Maybe Peter Petrelli is just an alt for Jack Pearson, or a clone. This is Us is pretty popular on NBC these days…)