Russo brothers share heartbreaking fan trailer on Twitter


The Russos posted a fan-made trailer to their Twitter, and fans are wondering if this means anything for Avengers 4.

While Avengers: Infinity War was especially traumatic for many Marvel characters, and for many of us, heroes in the universe have been dealing with loss and grief since the first Iron Man movie. Fans have, of course, been making fan creations to celebrate the losses and traumas of their favorite characters, and, some items, people involved in the MCU take notice.

The directors of Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo, tweeted a fan-made video recently. The video was made by The Garo Studios and is called “Sacrifice.”

This particular fan vid is focused on the personal losses that characters in the MCU have dealt with over the years, including Yondu and Phil Coulson.

Since the Russo Brothers devastated us with so many deaths and “deaths,” in Infinity War, retweeting this fanvid has to make us all wonder what they have up their sleeves now. Are they just trying to mess with all of our emotions again? Does this have anything to do with further deaths to come in Avengers 4?

Either way, the fan video is emotional and will make fans of the MCU reflect on their favorite characters and what they have been through over the years. There are many fan creations out there that tug at heartstrings, but it is always exciting when one gets recognized by those who make the films.

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