The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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Rockaway Beach (Captain America: Civil War)

When Bucky Barnes is talking to Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War, he mentions the time they went to Rockaway beach with Dolores when Bucky spent their train money trying to win her a stuffed animal. While we didn’t see the beach, it is still a real place where people can go and visit and imagine these two Brooklyn boys just having the time of their lives.

It’s nice to think about moments like this because, while we didn’t see it in the movie, we know that these two friends have explored Brooklyn together their entire lives. Rockaway Beach is a fun place because it is a bit of an escape away from the city, and you can see why Steve and Bucky would take dates there… Or, more like Bucky took his date there and made Steve come along so that he wouldn’t stay home.

It’d be nice to see more of these kinds of landmarks in the actual MCU, but to hear Bucky Barnes say Rockaway Beach to Steve Rogers was pretty incredible since it is a very specific place. They didn’t need to make it Rockaway, but now fans can enjoy the beach and imagine their favorite characters going there.

What you can do:

  • Go to the beach and soak up some rays! It’s a nice beach that isn’t too far away from the city.
  • Shop! Surprisingly, Rockaway is one of the best shopping locations in the NYC area.
  • Get your taco and margarita on at one of the many beach front restaurants.

Location:  Queens, NY

How to get there: If you just take the L train to the end of the line (see what I did there?), you can reach the beach! There are plenty of trains that will take you there, and it is easily accessible.

Cost: Free!