The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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Midtown High School (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

While not a real school, the exterior for Midtown High School in Spider-Man: Homecoming is actually Franklin K. Lane high school in Brooklyn. So funny that this boy from Queens goes to school in Cap’s hood, but that’s neither here nor there.

Between Captain America and Spider-Man, both Queens and Brooklyn are featured prominently. So while this school isn’t actually Midtown High School, it is where we can see Peter Parker going to class in the film.

Or, well, where he’s walking in, because the interior shots were done in Atlanta. Imagine going to Franklin K. Lane high school, though. Getting to walk into school every day like Peter Parker did in Spider-Man: Homecoming? That’d be incredible!

It sucks that Midtown High School isn’t a real place, because there are a lot of shots in Spider-Man: Homecoming that are actually in New York, which is fun, seeing as most of the Marvel movies are not truly shot in the city. That being said, you can go to Franklin K Lane High School and look from the subway like Peter Parker does in the movie.

What you can do:

  • Get a cool shot like you’re Peter Parker getting off the train to go to school
  • Grab a true Brooklyn bite to eat at some of the local fairs

Location:  999 Jamaica Ave, Brooklyn, NY

How to get there: If you’re coming from Manhattan, the easiest way to get there would be to take the N/Q/R/W trains down to Canal Street, and get the J/Z train from there. Then, it’s just a straight shot into Brooklyn until you get to 75th Street.

Cost: Free!