The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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7B (Jessica Jones)

Marvel makes it seem like Hell’s Kitchen is a terrible neighborhood with lots of crime that dominates a lot of Manhattan. The problem? Hell’s Kitchen is a few blocks from the theater district of the city, so none of what we see on the Marvel shows or in the movies is really accurate.

It is baffling that the Defenders take their marks in Hell’s Kitchen mostly. Granted, Luke Cage is in Harlem, and Danny is wherever his rich life leads him. But Matt and Jessica are primarily in Hell’s Kitchen, a place that doesn’t even need one superhero let alone two.

That being said, it is really easy to find areas where they film anything from the Defenders heroes. While it is all under the umbrella of “Hell’s Kitchen,” know that most of what the Defenders protect is just Manhattan in general. Because, for an island that isn’t that large, New York sure does need a lot of superheroes to come and help protect the city from the bad guys.

What you can do:

  • Look around the East Village. St. Marks is the place to go! It’s wild, fun, and there is always something crazy happening.
  • Get a drink at the bar. There are fun shooting games in the back, and you can pretend Luke Cage is serving you.
  • Go to Sing Sing! It’s a karaoke bar nearby and is quite fun at night!

Location: 108 Avenue B, New York

How to get there: Take the L train down to First Ave and walk, or you can take the F to 2nd Avenue and walk.

Cost: Drinks are roughly around $8-$10. Don’t forget to tip!