The best New York City spots you can actually visit from Marvel movies and TV shows

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Ellis Island (X-Men)

Ellis Island is important for a lot of reasons, but if you’re a fan of Marvel, you can visit to see an iconic part of the X-Men series! It is truly symbolic in the 2000 X-Men movie as the incident at Liberty Island began.

If you’re not sure what Ellis Island is, it is historically one of the most important aspects of American culture. The start of many families’ times in the United States, Ellis Island is where immigrants would come into America and hope for a new start.

So when they finally got that new start, they wanted freedom. Watching as the X-Men fought Magento at Ellis Island is symbolic because, while many of the mutants are American, they’re not free. They fight for their rights to be mutants continually, and it is kind of genius.

Ellis Island is a very real place and is super easy to visit. Full of history and things to do, you can go and see where X-Men took place and still have stuff to do that fulfills any tourists day. Also, it’s Ellis Island, and that’s where a lot of Americans first stepped foot. So why not just go enjoy a really cool landmark as well?

Location: 1 Liberty Island – Ellis Island

What you can do:

  • Make a connecting tour to Liberty Island to visit the Statue of Liberty. (All tickets to Ellis Island include a pass to Liberty Island).
  • Explore the Ellis Island museum on your own, or listen to an audio tour that details immigrants’ entrance into America.
  • Go on a special 90-minute hard hat tour of the south side of Ellis Island.

How to get there: You can only access Ellis Island by taking one of the boats that board from Battery Park in lower Manhattan (or Liberty State Park in New Jersey). If you’re leaving from Manhattan, the boat takes you to Liberty Island first, then takes you to Ellis Island.

Cost: Base tickets for Liberty Island + Ellis Island start at $18.50 for adults, $14 for seniors and $9 for children. Children under 3 can go for free.