Ariana Grande opens up to Troye Sivan about her albums, LGBTQ community support, and ‘sister’ Nicki Minaj


Ariana Grande spoke with singer Troye Sivan for Paper magazine, opening up about their duet to the LGBTQ community and Grande’s BF Nicki Minaj.

Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande have so much in common that having the blossoming 23-year-old “The Good Side” singer interview the stunningly successful 25-year-old “God Is A Woman” songstress is a marriage in pop heaven.

Paper arranged the discussion, and the singers’ enthusiasm will give any doubters a new belief that the future of music is as bright and promising as Troy and Ariana.

The perfect duet

Sivan and Grande stirred up excitement among their fans with the announcement of a collaboration, “Dance To This.” Their duet defied expectations while soaring to the top of the charts with its sophisticated tone.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Grande adorably informed Sivan that she is “obsessed” with him.

Grande gushed in the interview to Sivan:

"I think you are everything that pop music needs and I think your stage presence and your voice and your aesthetic and literally everything about your artistry is so divine, and I have been the biggest fan of you since forever. When you asked me to be on ‘Dance To This,’ before I’d even listened I was like, ‘I know it’s already going to be tight.’ I was so excited and so honored."

How do you respond to a flow of fandom from a woman who has her own fangirls? Sivan, of course, had the perfect response.

“I feel like we’re literally doing wedding vows. That is so sweet, thank you so much,” he returned.

Grande’s support for the LGBTQ community

Both Sivan and Grande are known for their strong support of the LGBTQ community. During the interview, Sivan praised her obvious love for her fans and the LGBTQ fan base.

"I always tell people is that you love your fans — like you’re obsessed with your fans. And it feels like you guys have a really special relationship and especially with your LGBTQ fans. And then when we hang out, I notice that your crew and everything, your family, who you keep around you feels really queer to me in a really cool way."

Sivan asked the “Sweetener” singer about her relationship with the LGBTQ community, questioning whether it was due to her brother Frankie Grande coming out as gay.

“Even before I knew my brother was gay, [our] very eccentric, interesting household… as super gay even before we knew Frankie was gay,” shared the songstress.

Grande also described her relationship with the LGBTQ community as an “honor” that makes her “so happy.”

"There’s nothing, I swear to god, honest to god, knock me out, I swear on my life, more rewarding than seeing sweet little gays in the audience moving along to my choreography, or a drag queen coming into my meet-and-greet with like a 40 pound ponytail and thigh-high boots. It’s the most fulfilling, like it makes my heart scream. It’s the best reward."

Nicki Minaj is “my sister,” says Ariana Grande

Sivan confessed that he never met Nicki Minaj and wanted to know all about her. Grande described the famed singer as her “sister,” explaining why she respects Nicki so much.

"She is my sister, and I have so much respect for that woman because she puts up with a lot of sh-t. I think she is one of the greatest rappers of all time, male or female. She has a gift and she is a spectacular artist."

And beyond her music, Minaj has “the most beautiful soul underneath this really badass exterior.”

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We think that’s the perfect description for Grande and Sivan as well.