25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“5 In The Morning” – Charli XCX

Charli XCX doesn’t get nearly enough attention in mainstream music media, but she is seriously killing the game. She puts out bop after bop, she is collaborating with some amazing artists (like Kim Petras and CupcakKe, who are also on this list), and she loves to play with her fashion as much as she experiments with her sound.

In the music video for “5 In The Morning,” Charli keeps it simple. She’s in an abandoned warehouse — which looks really similar to the one in Troye Sivan’s “My My My!” video, just saying — dancing all by herself in a sleek black ensemble. She’s wearing a one-strap black crop top, spandex shorts, black boots, and a long coat draped around her arms. She’s also glittering with a diamond choker, and her hair is styled in its usual black bob.

She also wears a similar outfit later in the video, but this time it’s a one-sleeved bodysuit with chandelier earrings. The song is more subdued than a lot of Charli’s electro-bubblegum pop tracks. “5 In The Morning” is a little slower and darker, so it definitely called for something more dark and restrained. That might be why the singer opted to keep the clothes more simple.

Charli kinda looks like she could kill a man in this outfit, and honestly, we are 100% here for that aesthetic. She can join Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera’s league of feminist vigilantes from the “Fall In Line” music video and she would fit right in! But seriously, has anyone started writing that script yet?