25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“Apes**t” – Beyoncé & Jay-Z

You didn’t think we could leave out a queen like Beyoncé, did you?

Beyoncé and her hubby were given the honor to film this music video in the Louvre museum in Paris, and even with shots of priceless pieces of artwork like the Mona Lisa, all eyes are on Bey and her insane fashion. Of course, the cinematography of the video is great and all, but the fashion is what we care about the most, obviously.

From the first shot of Bey and Jay, we knew the looks in this video would be slaying us over and over. Beyoncé is in a huge diamond wreath necklace with matching chandelier earrings and a silky pink suit. With her hair half-up in a side-pony and her curls draped over her shoulder, she looks stylish, sexy, and powerful.

Beyoncé isn’t about to wear some discount rack knockoffs, of course. In “Apes**t”, she wears a matching Burberry bra and leggings set; a head-to-toe Versace outfit (with her killer legs out front and center), an MCM bodysuit, hat, and trench coat ensemble; a full pearl bodysuit and mask; and not one, but two white couture gowns. She seriously is not letting us breathe in this video.

When you’re going to be surrounded by literal works of art, you have to make sure to stand out, and that’s exactly what Beyoncé did. She worked hard to make it to this point in her life — it takes a powerful, important woman like Beyoncé to be granted permission to film at the Louvre — and she’s going to make sure people know it. Give her all the couture, everyone needs to know that she is the boss!

(Oh and Jay-Z was there, too.)