25 best music video looks of the year (so far)

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“Boys” – Lizzo

Lizzo is a body positivity queen, and not including her on this list of music video looks would be absolutely criminal.

In the music video for “Boys,” Lizzo sings about her sexual needs and how she likes any kind of boys, no matter what race, size, or shape. She even shouts out her gay boys and says, “To the play boys, to the gay boys, go and slay boys, you my fave boys!” Can you say gay icon?

Besides the song being a bop about a woman owning her sexuality and her confidence, the accompanying music video also proves that Lizzo is in control of her body, and she loves how she looks no matter what.

Lizzo rocks a little ‘fro with a bomber jacket, a crop top, and panties, which is already such a look. She wears a leopard print panty set and a sheer, feather-trimmed robe. Later, she wears a leopard print blazer and a sports bra along with sky-high bouffant hair. But the best look of all doesn’t even have to do with her clothes, because it’s when she’s shot completely naked, shielding all her bits and pieces with just her hands and braids.

What we love most about Lizzo is that she’s not afraid to show off her body or to play with fashion. In this industry, plus-size artists are rarely portrayed to be as sexy as their thinner counterparts. The pop music industry thrived with pretty, young, skinny artists like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera showing off their midriffs and shaking their butts, which influenced millions of female fans around the world to want to embrace their sexuality, too. But there haven’t been many plus-size artists who got the same treatment.

But Lizzo doesn’t care. She comes out fully naked, and looks like the queen that she is. She’ll walk around in a bra and panties if she wants to, even if it makes you uncomfortable, because she loves how she looks, and so do we! The best accessory is confidence, and Lizzo is brimming with it.