Sony teases Spider-Man: Far From Home perhaps a bit too soon


It looks like Sony is excited to start advertising Spider-Man: Far From Home, but they’re not giving much thought to what happened to Spider-Man in Infinity War.

Sony Pictures is acting like that one friend who’s on the phone when you’re trying to talk to them, but you know they definitely weren’t listening. And right now, that friend is Disney, who really needs Sony to listen.

Metaphors aside, Sony seems a little too excited to start advertising Spider-Man: Far From Home. The company showed off the official logo for the movie on social media today and made sure to stamp it as coming out July 2019.

If this were any other movie, their enthusiasm to share this blockbuster of a movie would be great. But they’re forgetting that Spider-Man was also in Infinity War, and he’s technically not supposed to be alive right now.

For some, it might be a no-brainer at this point that Spider-Man and others who faded away at the end of Infinity War will eventually return. But Sony is ruining Disney’s work of keeping up the illusion.

The Russo brothers, in particular, pride themselves on keeping spoilers at bay and not giving up too much. And we’re sure if it were up to them, they’d try to keep that illusion up for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the Spider-Man solo movies are ultimately in Sony’s hands, and it has the responsibility to market the movie however it likes. To cut Sony some slack, though, it’s really backed into a marketing corner, given the movies comes out just after Avengers 4. So up until the very last moment, teasers, trailers, and other promotional material can’t give away too much.

(So no trailers with Peter Parker saying “Fighting with the Avengers was cool, up until Thanos snapped us out of existence. But I’m super thankful I was saved by…”)

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Sony’s also has to juggle the other Spider-Verse movies coming out, including Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

So hopefully they have a team member on hand to deal with Disney and its marketing demands while they handle all of the other in-house stuff. It’s a lot to juggle, but a small price to pay for doing business with a powerhouse like Disney.