New Avengers 4 theory renders the Soul Stone virtually useless


There are plenty of theories regarding Avengers 4 and the Infinity Stones. But a new theory has basically made the soul stone unnecessary.

When it comes to what Avengers 4 has in store for us after everything that happened in Avengers: Infinity War, there are plenty of questions and theories. For months there has been speculation over how the events of Infinity War could be changed or what could be done to bring back so many beloved Marvel characters.

And while there have been plenty of reasonable theories, including the idea that the soul stone will be brought into play, a new theory has basically blown that idea out of the water. Thanks to Screen Rant, it sounds like the soul stone might actually be useless when it comes to rectifying everything that happened in Infinity War.

Of course, there are a lot of theories that counteract each other. One of the main ones that actually makes sense is the idea of time travel, which is a theory that has even been hinted at by the director of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Set photos alone have made this theory the most likely (and obvious) choice.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with the seemingly defunct soul stone theory that had all of our heroes’ souls residing in that particular Infinity Stone. Sure, Gamora might be in there (after all she was sacrificed in order to get that stone), but it really seems unlikely that everyone else joined her there after the snap of ages.

And if the Avengers really are planning to utilize time travel in Avengers 4, then really what is the point of the soul stone? Think about it. If the Quantum Realm and time travel really are being utilized as a way to stop Thanos, then the likelihood of him even getting his hands on the soul stone seems mute.

Going into the past to change what has happened means stopping Thanos before he ever gets to snap his big fingers and make half the universe turn into dust. There is no way that Marvel would decide to put everyone into the soul stone only to make the soul stone obsolete. While it is possible that the soul stone could play an important part in bringing people back, we really think that either the time or power stones are going to be more likely candidates.

Considering the power stone seems to be what had the most impact in turning half of the MCU into dust particles, it makes sense that would be one of the main stones needed to bring people back.

Then again, they may not even need the Infinity Stones in Avengers 4. We know the Quantum Realm and even Tony Stark’s technology have the potential to send people back in time, so maybe none of the stones will be necessary to save the day. Perhaps the stones will end up being hijacked in the past in order to protect the future.

The soul stone might be powerful, but all of the Infinity Stones are. If it took all six stones to wipe out half the universe, it will likely take more than just one stone to fix what happened. But if time travel is the answer, then perhaps the stones never come into play anyway.

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No matter what theory is true and ends up making the cut, it is clear that things are changing in the MCU. Not only will we be saying goodbye to some of our favorites (still not over Loki), but we’ll also witness our heroes changed by this experience too.