9 dessert recipes Disney-lovers need for their next movie marathon

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Are you looking for snacks to liven up your next movie night? These Disney themed recipes will be a sweet addition.

Is there any better combination than Disney and dessert? Both bring us tons of joy, either through catchy songs and lovable characters or through the undeniably delicious taste of chocolate and sugar.

And there are plenty of ways to combine the two. Disney fans are nothing if not creative, and many of them have come up with Disney-themed recipes for everything from dinner to dessert to cocktails. You have to hand it to them: If you’re going to immerse yourself in Disney culture as an adult, food seems a pretty solid way to do it.

So, next time you’re planning a movie night with friends, add a Disney theme to it. Grab your old DVDs and settle in with some of the characters and stories you haven’t revisited since childhood. You’ll be happy you did.