10 magical cocktails every Disney-lover needs to embrace their inner Hakuna Matata

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If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the magic of Disney as an adult, you’re in luck. These Disney inspired cocktails will allow you to re-experience your favorite films all over again—this time, with delicious beverages.

Those of us who grew up with iconic Disney films like The Lion King and Beauty & the Beast have carried the magic of those movies well into adulthood with us. Most of the people who could be found watching Lilo & Stitch in theaters during the early 2000s can still be seen buying tickets for newer releases like Frozen and Moana.

Our love of Disney has stayed strong, despite the fact that we’ve grown older. And who says we need to abandon our love of Disney as an adult, anyway? Peter Pan would be ashamed. After all, it’s a  commendable thing to still see magic in the world beyond childhood.

Adults who love Disney can show their appreciation for the company in all new ways. We probably weren’t cooking Disney-themed dishes as a child, and we certainly weren’t brewing Disney cocktails. But now we can! And there are some amazing Disney cocktails out there, if you know where to look.

So grab your cocktail shaker, find your old Disney DVDs, and invite some friends over for the evening. You’ll be able to enjoy that Disney magic all over again, and you’ll be able to make all new memories surrounding your favorite films.