20 makeup products you will love heading into the fall

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NARS Climax Mascara

Many of us want long lashes with tons of volume, but sadly, nature forgot us. While many mascaras give us all the hype about what they can do and how our lashes will look after we use it, the reality often is that they are simply lacking.

Thanks to NARS and their Climax Mascara, we actually have a mascara that does what it says it will. Your lashes won’t smudge or clump, and yet, you get the volume you were promised. At the same time, your natural lashes won’t dry out because of the formula NARS uses, which is actually a creamy, whipped lash confection.

For a change, your lashes will still be soft even with this mascara on. So forget about stiff, stuck together lashes, because this mascara knows what it is doing.