20 makeup products you will love heading into the fall

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Urban Decay Cosmetics Aphrodisiac Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss

If you are looking for a long-lasting lip gloss that has extreme shine and shimmer, while also being soft on the lips, then look no further. The Aphrodisiac Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss is going to become your new favorite addiction (I know it’s mine).

The Aphrodisiac line (which we kicked off our list with thanks to the eyeshadow palette) is a real must-have this fall. Not only are the colors vibrant and unique, but these lip glosses are each unique as well. There is the iridescence of Ghosted, the holographic nature of Aphrodisiac, and the sparkle of Tongue Tied.

These Urban Decay lip glosses are super hydrating and packed with amazing essentials, such as peppermint oil and Vitamin E. Not only do they taste good (if you occasionally happen to lick your lips), but they also make my lips look and feel plumper.

So, if you want a lip gloss that really is a must have this fall, then this is it.