10 hilarious webcomic artists you should check out ASAP


There’s nothing better than hilarious, relatable content from creative artists and writers. Let’s see if you can connect with these comic strips.

Whether you read the Sunday newspaper just for the comics or are a manga connoisseur, it’s possible that you’ve stumbled across something that made you think, “Yeah, I can relate,” or it made you laugh even five minutes after reading it.

Here are 10 webcomic artists that we feel do just that, and you might want to keep up with them on social media after reading them!

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by Fishball

Created by comic artist “fishball,” My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a slice of life webcomic is a definite must-read. This talented and funny artist captures everyday-life stories she experiences with her boyfriend. From telling her readers about how they met to giving us stories that make us ship them even more, this comic puts our relationship goals on a whole other level.

The Little World of Liz Climo by Liz Climo

Liz Climo uses adorable animals in her comic,The Little World of Liz Climo, to portray relatable and, overall, insanely cute interactions between all kinds of creatures. She often pays homage to real life things like Comic-Con or Marvel movies and always makes it work.

Owl Turd Comix by Shenanigansen

Shenanigansen in Owl Turd Comix re-imagines what many of us often feel, whether good or bad. One thing is certain though, comedy is never far from his mind. This comic artist is not afraid to use that which might incite the occasional eye roll that is typically given to puns or “dad jokes.” Despite this, the content he provides is still surprisingly funny

Heck If I Know by Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson creates a weekly gag comic called Heck If I Know that takes on different hilarious stories and lives up to its name by being comics about whatever comes to mind. Though there is no definitive plot, each comic that he releases does not disappoint.

BuzzFeed Comics – Hannah Hillam

Hannah Hillam draws comics about her life for BuzzFeed and includes the occasional story about what its like to be a mother.  She uses a quirky character that somehow, despite being a bit outrageous, manages to say or do what we’re all thinking or feeling. You can find her comics on Instagram.

Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Anderson

Sarah uses this hilarious character to depict her relatable and crazy life whether dealing with social media, pets, or the latest fandom obsession in Sarah’s Scribbles. With an added bonus of funny facial expressions from this main character, we can see why it’s become so popular over the last few years. Andersen also has a few books published, including a new weekly planner, that you’ll want to check out if you enjoy her work.

Jellybean Comics by Loryn Brantz

By now you can probably relate to a good majority of the comics we’ve provided thus far. Lucky for you, we have more up our sleeves! Loryn Brantz includes topics about cats, dogs, love, and relationships in her works —  and does it in such a way that always leaves her readers commenting “same.”

Mushroom Movie by potato-chop

Comic artist potato-chop gives his readers a savage-yet-lovable mushroom as the main character in his comics. Giving other characters in the comic some sassy one-liners or attempting to re-create popular scenes from movies like Infinity War, there is no end to the hilarity that is Mushroom Movie.

The Odd 1s Out by James Rallison

Popular YouTuber/comic artist James Rallison has accumulated millions of fans over the past few years. InThe Odd 1s Out, not only does he draw comics that depict funny situations, he also uploads animations telling stories about his life. You’ll be glued to the screen watching all of these hilarious clips and reading all his great comics.

Kamping Chicken by Ren

This digital artist uploads funny content as well as beautiful digital art that includes themes like Pokémon, zodiac signs, or portraits of people. Readers find that they get the best of both worlds in Kamping Chicken with this talented artist. It’s no secret that when it comes to their work, popularity is within their grasp.

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We hope you enjoyed these comics and maybe even learned a life lesson or two. Have you found any hilarious comics that didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments!