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2017 – Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Again, Disney reigns supreme now and if it isn’t a Marvel movie then it is probably a Star Wars movie that is going to take home the acclaim. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was met with mixed feelings regarding the treatment of Luke Skywalker.

Then again, it was a story about him training Rey, giving us a throwback to how Yoda trained Luke. Unfortunately, some fans were upset the film didn’t set Luke Skywalker as the most important character. To that, we say we love us some Luke but he’s had his time. The Last Jedi was a pretty amazing look at Rey and the journey she’s been on, and where she’s going.

Rey wasn’t going to let the dark side of the Force overwhelm her and, despite a connection to Kylo Ren, she stayed true to her beliefs and those around her. There is an incredible fight scene with both Rey and Kylo when they’re meeting with Supreme Leader Snoke that is one of the greatest lightsaber battles in all of Star Wars.

Did The Last Jedi have its faults? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that the movie wasn’t incredible or as we see here, super popular. We loved seeing new characters as well as Star Wars legends. This was Carrie Fisher’s last Star Wars movie before she passed away, a bittersweet reason to watch this again and again. She will forever be our general.