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2010 – Inception

Christopher Nolan clearly knows how to make a movie and everyone talked about Inception for months. Was he still in the dream? Did Leonardo DiCaprio escape? Did Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon Levitt finally realize that they were in love with each other in their beautiful suits? So many questions, so little answers.

When Dom Cobb cannot see his family, he takes a job in hopes of finally being reunited with his children. The job? Infiltrating dreams for information and to get what he wants. Going into someone else’s head and creating this insanity just for what they need.

There are multiple people that have to be involved in getting everything set up for the dream and once inside, everyone must play their part to make sure they are on track. It is a visually stunning movie with a story that still confuses us all.

We’d say we didn’t know if Dom ever gets out of the dream.. but Michael Caine has enlightened us, proving that in the end, Dom does get out.