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2008 – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a terrific display of Christopher Nolan’s directing and mix that with a powerhouse cast including the late Heath Ledger as Joker? Do we have a winner.

The film is regarded as on eof the best movies of all time, especially in the category of superhero films. When the Joker comes to Gotham, everyone is in danger. There is a trickiness to the Joker that Nolan seems to have figured out. Ledger’s performance had us cringing in our seats, wondering what this psychotic criminal was going to attempt next. Blowing up a boat filled with people just because he could? Wouldn’t bother the Joker at all. Plus the sick story behind how the Joker got his scars is in of itself one of the creepiest scenes.

It is hard to know how this movie would have been received if Ledger had not died before its release. Leading up to the film, fans mourned the loss of the actor and wondered how he’d be portrayed on screen.

We imagine the film would be as popular as it is today despite this tragedy, and in a way, it is an honor to watch it as we applaud Ledger’s final performance.