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2007 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The fifth Harry Potter movie is important for a lot of reasons. Not only has the darker nature of the story completely taken over with the return of Lord Voldemort to power but it also showed the relationship between Harry and everyone supporting him.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has so many intricate storylines that it is one of the most fascinating aspects of the entire series. Harry begins to realize he has a connection to Voldemort, as he can see what he is doing at any given moment.

While he is trying to figure out what that means for himself, Harry is dealing with also being a typical teenager and trying to find a girlfriend and have fun at school with his friends. Sirius Black, his godfather, is trying to help as best he can. The film seemed to reflect the growth of the fandom as well, as many Harry Potter fans were entering their teen years or heading off to college as Harry dealt with his own adulting issues in this film.

And as you’ll come to see, this isn’t the last Harry Potter movie to be celebrated as most popular film of its year.