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2005 – Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy changed the world of superhero movies. The cheesy nature was abolished and all we could do was live in the world of Gotham in fear of the insanity surrounding it.

With Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins focuses on Bruce’s origin story in an interesting way. We know pretty much all there is to know about Batman at this point and yet Batman Begins was still interesting enough for us all to want to know more about Master Wayne.

When his parents are shot and killed in front of him, Bruce is looked after by their butler, Alfred. He struggles throughout his life to figure out what he wants, leaving Princeton before ending up training and becoming Batman in order to protect the city that his father loved.

It truly changed the way we at least look at Batman movies. They weren’t as hammy as the Burton movies and Nolan made a villain like the Scarecrow somehow terrifying when, in reality, he was kind of boring.

Nolan knew what he was doing and seeing Bruce Wayne on screen in a gritty, darker light was what we needed in a Batman movie. Also, Christian Bale had some serious abs and we’d rewatch this movie just for them.