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2004 – The Incredibles

Obviously, we all love The Incredibles. That’s why it was such a big deal when they made the sequel 14 years later. We just wanted to see what happened next with Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl and their children.

Pixar brought to life a superhero family who were trying to figure out life while maintaining a normal existence despite the fact that they do have superpowers. Mr. Incredible is exceptionally strong, Elastigirl can stretch really far, Violet can disappear, and Dash can… well, dash. Then there is Jack Jack who, throughout the entire first movie, is a seemingly normal baby with no superpowers.

The family was trying to just exist and still, they struggled. So it was lovely to see how they functioned as both parents and superheroes. The movie was so successful that, for years, fans wanted a sequel. And when Pixar finally delivered, they didn’t disappoint.

Why are we so obsessed with The Incredibles? It’s honestly hard to explain. There’s just something about this movie that got audiences and made everyone want to grab their super suit and get to fighting the bad guys.

Luckily though, Jack Jack has finally figured out his superpower  — or superpowers we should say — and he may be the most powerful one of them all.