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1983 – Scarface

Tony Montana wants you to say hello to his little friend!

Scarface focuses on Tony, a man who gets his green card for murdering a government official in Cuba and then movies to Miami to work for the drug cartels.

With an all-star cast led by Al Pacino and Michelle Pfieffer, this is one movie that you don’t really want to watch if you’re faint of heart. It is a bit crazy and you need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The opening sequence alone is enough to shut people off from the film.

That being said, Scarface is a classic. Watching the climb of Tony Montana, despite anything that comes into his way, he becomes the biggest drug lord in Florida and wants to make as much money as he possibly can.

Eventually, Tony meets his demise and the movie is a great glimpse into the dangers of the drug world for all involved. Tony is the kind of man who doesn’t care about anyone around him, except possibly his sister — but for those who have seen this movie, we all know how that goes.

Maybe don’t show your young children Scarface … but it is one movie that everyone should see at least once.