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1982 – Blade Runner

This film arguably battles against E.T the Extra-Terrestrial for most popular film. We’ve picked Blade Runner for how it changed the way we see cinema. It is an absolutely breathtaking movie and one that Ridley Scott clearly put his heart and soul into.

Rick Deckard, a cop in the Blade Runner units, is meant to kill replicants. The replicants in Los Angeles are not allowed but Rick finds himself falling in love with Rachael, a replicant, and he can’t stop himself.

While questionable, Blade Runner brought so many questions to the world. Was Rick Deckard a replicant? Well, now we know that he’s not because of Blade Runner 2049 but still, when Blade Runner first came out there were so many questions that audiences had.

Though we got some followup material from the newest film, fans of Blade Runner would still like to see more about this futuristic world and the implications of humans mixed with technology.