Crazy Rich Asians’ makeup artist dishes on how you can get all those fancy looks


Crazy Rich Asians may not have been a fashion movie per se but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some style tips from it. And thanks to its makeup artist, we now do.

Fashion and style tips can come from anywhere, especially movies. And thanks to Crazy Rich Asians‘ makeup artist Heike Merker, we’ve learned some fresh new tips to take from summer to fall.

The romantic comedy is a celebrated progressive blockbuster for the Asian community. With stunning landscapes and scenic visuals, we were also gifted with high fashion and flawless makeup looks we’re eager to recreate.

Now with a title like Crazy Rich Asians, it’s easy to think all the style we see is just to go with the title. Think again! Not only do the fashion choices perfectly fit for each of the characters but they make sense in terms of who they are on that screen. Not a hair is out of place, unless it is meant to be out of place. Nails are done as they need to be, and makeup is exactly what it should be.

Refinery 29 had the opportunity to speak with the makeup artist behind Crazy Rich Asians and there really was a method to the madness. And based on everything Heike Merker had to say, it seems as if there might be tips for all of us looking to impress the world and make a statement.

As she pointed out, reading the script allowed her to get a feel for the characters and who they were. That means costuming and style decisions are important in order to get across smaller details. A simple change of clothes can change entirely shift a character’s look

Go for the “new” gold

In talking about the boards she put together, Merker explained that even a character’s family can impact their look. For example, in Crazy Rich Asians, Peik Lin’s family was extremely wealthy with taste that is simply over the top. This was not a family going for classic looks and style. And in order to get this idea across, gold was the go-to color.

The family was considered “new money” and they wanted to show that wealth off. That meant going for gold. So if you want to look like new money, then gold is the way to go. But remember, there is nothing wrong with tasteful elegance.

Look perfect from head to toe

In fact, speaking of tasteful elegance, Merker also discussed Nick Young’s family. Here was a family that was also very wealthy, but in more of an “old money” way. For them, it is all about class and finesse.

For a look that is classy and elegant, hair must be perfectly done, without being over the top. Everything must be in place and even the lines of one’s clothing should be in order.

There is something to be said for making sure you are perfectly coifed. Even if you aren’t trying to appear “rich,” you still want to make a good impression when you step out the door. And that is exactly what this character’s family did. They made sure they were perfect from head to toe.

Glitter, but not too much

Beyond the individual characters and their overall esthetic, Heiki Merker also talked about some of the products they used on the set of Crazy Rich Asians. Both surprising and not, nail polish and glitter were a big thing.

Merker told Refinery 29 that she actually used a lot of glitter eyeshadow on set. Not only was it not overly noticeable, but the glitter added a shine to the skin that was natural and appealing.

If done right, glitter can be an amazing thing. It adds texture and sparkle to any look. With a less obvious glitter look, you are more likely to have a natural glow and shine that makes you look elegant and even classic. Basically, don’t go crazy and you’ll be fine.

Nail polish was something that was also big on the set of Crazy Rich Asians, because it is a product that basically every character had on consistently. And that makes sense because polish can make anyone look done up and elegant.

A pop of nail color makes a difference

Different polish colors will certainly change the overall feel of one’s style, from the elegant to the extreme. Pops of color can scream fun and vibrant, while neutrals give off an aura of refinement and class. (Just think of Queen Elizabeth’s own beauty requirements here and the fact that the royal family is only allowed neutral polishes.)

For example, Astrid was a character you’d expect to see with a subtle nude polish. As for Peik Lin, played by the ever vivacious Awkwafina, you know she’d work some neon polish.

Yes, that’s a sequel hook at the end of Crazy Rich Asians. light. Related Story

Style tips and ideas can come from anywhere, a TV show, a movie, or a blogger. But getting the details of how one of the biggest movies of the summer, Crazy Rich Asians, styled their stars is perhaps one that everyone can appreciate.

So, whether you are crazy rich or just trying to look the part, there are plenty of chances to look your best. Check out the movie, look at the different styles (as simple as some might seem), and decide if you want to change things up this season.