Orlando Bloom posted a mini LOTR reunion photo on Instagram


Orland Bloom’s Instagram post featuring a selfie with himself, Ian McKellen, and Adam Brown made LOTR fans happy to see the mini-reunion.

It’s been over 15 years since the last Lord of the Rings movie was released and four years since the last The Hobbit movie came out, but these movies still hold a special place in many of our nerdy hearts. While these days, content centered around the Tolkien movie universe is few and far between, there are some rare moments where we get blessed by something amazing.

A dwarf, elf, and wizard selfie taken by Orlando Bloom was one of those awesome moments. Orlando Bloom shared an adorable selfie of himself, Ian McKellen, and Adam Brown on his Instagram, warming our LOTR hearts.

The three of them look super cute, and it is exciting to see that some of the cast members still hang out here and there even after all of these years. Of course, Adam Brown, who played Ori in The Hobbit films, did not film with Bloom and McKellen on the LOTR films. But they did all star in The Hobbit trilogy.

We can’t get over Bloom’s caption either, and the perfect use of emojis he uses. We would love to see more photos of the cast hanging out, or, how great would it be if they just had a LOTR/The Hobbit reunion? That’s what we all should keep our fingers crossed for.

Seeing this picture ignited the hearts of many Lord of the Rings fans out there. The franchise is one of the first fandom experiences for many people, and there is something special about LOTR and that universe for a lot of us.

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Orlando Bloom was one of those teen crush hotties that will live on in many of our hearts forever, and who doesn’t love Ian McKellen? We hope that more cast members will post pictures of these times where they are hanging out because this picture was just too cute.