Thor’s old roommate Darryl reveals he survived the snap in hilarious video


There might be a lot of people who did not survive Thanos’ snap to mourn, but every survivor counts. And the latest survivor is a good one!

Our world, in some ways, is still pure. We might still be reeling from the aftermath of Thanos’ snap — which, we’ll probably be reeling from it until Avengers 4 at this point — but there is always good news right around the corner.

This time, we’ve got another survivor on our hands. He’s not an Avenger, but he may as well be an honorary Avenger at this point: It’s Darryl, Thor’s tragically normal roommate from the hero’s days of living in Australia.

Now, he’s is living his days as the lucky half of the population to survive after Thanos’ snap. Darryl (or rather his actor, Daley Pearson) posted a clip Twitter wishing Thor (or rather his actor, Chris Hemsworth) a happy birthday. Thanos should be taking notes, though, because everything isn’t as sweet as he thought it’d be now that half the universe is gone. In fact, poor Darryl now has to work on Sundays because there aren’t enough people at work to help him out. Talk about a bad time.

Some might remember Darryl from his first appearance with Thor two years ago on the Captain America: Civil War bonus features. During the featurette, Team Thor, the God of Thunder revealed during that Civil War, he was actually living a carefree life on Earth. Darryl and Thor returned again in a special feature for Doctor Strange. And later, in the Thor: Ragnarok special features, Darryl became roommates with the Grandmaster.

There might be bigger heroes like Valkeryie or Shuri and the Queen Mother who we’ve learned survived. But knowing that Darryl’s okay really warms one’s heart.

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Whether Darryl is actually canon in the MCU is a whole different subject we won’t approach, though. Who cares if Thor was actually fighting on Skaar during Civil War instead of living in Australia? Maybe that was just one of the weird alternate realities Doctor Strange is always going on about.