Chris Hemsworth turns 35: A look back at his super amazing year so far


Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983, and we’re delighted to wish one of our favorite superheroes the happiest birthday ever!

Happy birthday, Chris Hemsworth! We’re cheering for the actor who turns 35 this year, with reasons ranging from empowering his superhero cred with new films to delighting us on all on social media. Here’s why 2018’s been on super year for Chris to celebrate, especially on his birthday:

Chris Hemsworth is a social media hero

If you’re not following Chris Hemsworth on Twitter, you’re missing out on some adorable glimpses of his personal life. How cute is this?

And then there’s Instagram, where Hemsworth graces us with everything from family fun to alien adventures.

Hemsworth triumphs as Thor again in Avengers: Infinity War

Chris took on yet another superhero role as Thor in Avengers: Infinity War this year and triumphed. And giving us yet another reason to admire him, Hemsworth stayed humble and humorous when the film became the biggest grossing superhero film in history. He thanked his fans and joked about the production.

Avengers now the highest grossing superhero movie of all time, I’ll say again thank you thank you thank you everyone for supporting this little community theatre production,” tweeted Chris.

We heart Chris Hemsworth, the family man

And then there’s Chris as the devoted dad and husband. What to give his wife Elsa Pataky? Chris found the perfect gift for his just-turned-42-year-old wife in a dance lesson. Then he found the way to our hearts by sharing it while making fun of himself.

“Gave my wife a dance lesson for her birthday, I should’ve given myself one too,” wrote Chris on Instagram. “Happy Birthday love.”

On the daddy side of his life, the actor is parenting a trio of kids with Elsa. Hemsworth recently revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that his children and wife all speak Spanish, which he never learned.

Chris and Elsa have a 6-year old daughter and 4-year-old twin boys. The kids, being fluent in Pataky’s native tongue, sometimes Hemsworth sometimes baffled by what they’re discussing.

Looking forward to a new production company helmed by a hero

Even though Chris is already a busy actor, 2018 has become the year in which he challenged himself with the launch of a production company. Thematic Entertainment partners Hemsworth with two Australian producers, John Finemore and James Hoppe of Maker Films.

In addition to Thematic, which plans to focus on movies that will appeal to a global audience, Chris is set to star in the sequel to Avengers 4 next summer. He’ll also be featured in the Men in Black spinoff.  And just in case that wasn’t enough, Hemsworth will portray George Kirk again, father to Chris Pine’s Captain James T. Kirk, in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

Chris Hemsworth should definitely perform these songs on Instagram. light. Also

As for what to expect from Chris’ famous family members on his August 11 birthday, last year Liam Hemsworth delighted fans with a photo showing his shirtless brother in a pool with rubber duckies. “Happy birthday Chrisso! Love u ya massive jerk ;),” Liam shared last year. We can only imagine what the two brothers have in store for each other next.