The 100: 6 questions we need answered in season 6


The fifth season of The 100 came to an end this week, and the sixth will begin a new chapter for the series. But what do we need answered after that season five finale?

With the fifth season of The 100 complete, fans have a lot to look forward to. The show has already been confirmed for a sixth season, one that showrunner Jason Rothenberg describes as “a new adventure.”

But despite the fifth season being a satisfying conclusion to “Book One” of the show, fans still have questions following the shocking finale. Here are a few that need to be answered when season six finally airs next year.

1. What awaits our heroes on their new planet?

During the final moments of season 5, Monty reveals that he discovered what Eligius III was up to all those years ago: finding a new planet. He sends their ship, with all of the cryo-sleeping characters on it, to this new planet. But we never see them land.

Next season, it’s likely we will. But will this planet merely be another Earth? Or will it have different characteristics, ones our characters will need to navigate and learn to live with?

2. What became of Eligius III?

The fifth season finale revealed Eligius III’s mission, but it never clarified what happened to them. Presumably, they found the planet they were looking for. Monty mentions that they were never heard from again, suggesting that they might have radioed after Apocalypse I had already occurred.

But it’s possible there’s a more grisly reasoning behind Eligius III’s silence. After all, they knew nothing about the planet they were landing on. They could have come across something dangerous, and if so, our heroes might find themselves facing the same problems.

3. What kind of leader will Madi become?

Madi’s appearance gave Wonkru’s army hope when they had none, and that hope led them to follow her into Shallow Valley. But with no enemy looming, will the grounders still follow her? After all, she is a teenage girl, surrounded by fully trained leaders and warriors.

It’s possible that Bellamy and Clarke will teach her to lead, but most of their beliefs go far against the wisdom of the commanders. Whoever’s advice she decides to take, we hope she’ll prove strong and capable. Otherwise, we might see tension within Wonkru once more.

And speaking of…

4. Will the clans be divided once more?

If anything good came out of Octavia’s reign, it’s the fact that all 13 clans became one. They were reluctant to see one another as anything but separate groups, but Octavia forced them to accept one another.

But will the grounders’ old ways return with the time of the commanders? While Lexa was able to form an alliance between the 13 clans, she was never able to morph them into one. And we’re sure that some old prejudices and grudges remain.

We certainly hope they keep to the idea of Wonkru. If not, peace will probably never be achievable.

5. Is Earth ever going to be habitable again?

With “Book One” at an end and a new adventure beginning, it’s possible that The 100 will never address the fate of planet Earth again. After all, we have an all-new planet to explore.

But after calling Earth “home” for five seasons, we have to imagine our heroes would eventually want to get back to it — or at least know its fate.

6. Will they finally “be the good guys”?

Monty’s final words to Bellamy and Clarke are a reminder of everything they’ve learned over five seasons.

We’d love to think that they’ll honor Jasper and Monty, doing whatever they can to achieve peace. But if the group was truly to live in peace, there wouldn’t be a sixth season, now would there?

And if there’s anything we’ve learned from the past five seasons, it’s that “there are no good guys.”

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What are you looking forward to in The 100 next season?