12 greatest moments from season 5 of The 100


The fifth season of The 100 brought the show to darker places than before, and it took fans on an emotional ride in the process. Here are 12 scenes in particular that hit us directly in the feels.

The fifth season of The 100 came to an end this week, along with the world one last time. It just wouldn’t be one of the show’s finales without the world ending, now would it?

Season 5 was definitely a shift away from the previous seasons, especially in terms of character development and relationships. It brought the show (and our heroes) to darker places than ever before, and it forced fans to ask hard questions about their favorites.

That said, the fifth season was an emotional roller coaster. And like any emotional television show, it was full of intense scenes that fans will be thinking about longer after the finale.

Here are 12 of our personal favorites.

Clarke’s time alone after Praimfaya

Much of the first episode of season 5 consists of Clarke’s time on Earth following the Death Wave. She spends her days trying to reach Bellamy and open the bunker, at least until she realizes her efforts on both counts are futile.

When she’s wandering the desert alone, Clarke finally breaks down. It’s an emotional moment, and Eliza Taylor’s acting is spot on. Thankfully, Clarke finds company not long after.

Octavia takes control of Wonkru

During “Red Queen,” viewers travel back in time to see how Octavia’s rule began. And truthfully, it was messy. The grounders didn’t respect her, and they brought their grudges and alliances into the bunker with them. To truly take command, she’s forced to adopt Jaha’s mentality: You are one of us, or you are the enemy.

This mentality plays a major role throughout the entire season, but the scene in which Octavia wins the grounders’ respect (and fear) is one of the best. It’s brutal, but it shows what she needed to become in order to lead.

Spacekru finds out Clarke is alive

There’s nothing better than the expressions on Spacekru’s faces when Madi saves them, then tells them that Clarke survived the Death Wave. Bellamy, in particular, is astounded  —  after all, he’s spent years with the guilt of leaving her behind.

And let’s not even get started on the feelings that ensue when they finally see one another again.

Eligius opens the bunker

Speaking of reunions, the one between the Blake siblings is probably the most heartfelt. And given how strained their relationship became by the end of season 5, we have to appreciate the little moments between them.

And of course, it’s always nice to see Octavia’s human side come out after she’s about to kill one of her former allies.

Bellamy poisons Octavia

The 100 is known for its shocking endings, and the conclusion of “How We Get To Peace” is one of its most intense ones. Viewers know what’s coming as soon as Bellamy passes Octavia the bread. But Octavia’s expression when she realizes her brother poisoned her mirrors all of our feelings.

I mean, can the Blake siblings really have gotten to this point? That just shows that The 100 never fails to surprise us.

Diyoza names her baby

Diyoza entered the show as a brutal leader, but it soon became clear to fans that she wants the same things all the other characters do: to survive and to have peace. This become abundantly obvious through her relationship with Kane, and their conversations about humanity’s future make up some of the greatest scenes on the show.

In particular, their discussion in “How We Get To Peace” hit a soft spot for fans. Diyoza tells Kane that he has changed the way she views things, and she names her baby for this change in perspective: Hope.

“Eat or die”

The deeper into the season The 100 got, the more the show runners began to explore the bunker’s backstory. And that led to one of the show’s darkest episodes, aptly titled “The Dark Year.” During that episode, fans learned what led Octavia to become Blodreina.

Forced to resort to cannibalism to survive, Octavia and Abby do their best to convince their people that what they’re doing is right. But for the survival of humanity, Octavia is eventually forced to kill those who won’t comply. It’s heart wrenching watching her break during those moments, and it actually makes you feel for Kane for the first time all season, too.

Clarke lets Madi go

Clarke spends the majority of season 5 doing everything she can to protect Madi — including betraying those she loves. She goes to extremes as a parent, and her love makes her irrational. But when she finally sees reason and agrees to let Madi save Wonkru, it’s a satisfying moment.

Part of that is thanks to the emotional discussion the two have, a conversation that includes a lot of callbacks to Lexa. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t have tears in your eyes when Madi used Clarke’s own words against her, telling her “life should be about more than just surviving,” you’re probably not human.

Octavia’s sacrifice

Viewers got brief glimpses of the old Octavia Blake throughout the fifth season, but those moments were usually overshadowed by Blodreina. And as kickass as Blodreina was, we were all waiting for the girl under the floor to make a comeback.

We got that during “Damocles Part One,” when Octavia finally realizes that Wonkru is “broken.” Needing a distraction to get Gaia to safety, she runs straight into the line of fire to save the people she loves most. And her final words to Bellamy almost make up for throwing him in the fighting pit: “My brother, my responsibility.”

Bellamy convinces Madi to show mercy

When Wonkru finally makes it to Shallow Valley, Madi commands her people to kill the remaining Eligius prisoners. She tells Bellamy that she doesn’t “need the commanders to tell her what to do with a bunch of criminals who invaded her home.”

At these words, Bellamy reminds her that they’ve been through this before. “We were the criminals,” he says. “The hundred.” His words bring all five seasons full circle, and they drive home one of the main themes of The 100: the constant cycle of vengeance.

Madi tells Bellamy about the radio calls

Whether you ship Bellamy and Clarke or not, Madi’s attempts to convince Bellamy to forgive her mom are undeniably adorable. And Bellamy’s face when he discovers that Clarke tried reaching him every day for six years almost rivals his face when he realizes that she’s still alive.

Monty’s and Harper’s sacrifice

Monty and Harper spend all of season 5 trying to convince their friends that violence isn’t the answer. They’re two of the purest characters on the show, and they continuously stick to their morals — even when it doesn’t benefit “their people.”

When Bellamy and Clarke wake from cryo-sleep to discover that Monty and Harper lived out their lives while they were asleep, it’s heartbreaking. But no one deserved a happy ending more than the two of them, and they even named their son after Jasper.

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What was your favorite moment from The 100 season 5?