15 Disney-themed makeup products to show off your inner princess

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ELF Jasmine Face Makeup Beauty Book

ELF is another wonderful makeup company that typically offers a lovely amount of pigmentation in their eyeshadow. With this Disney princess beauty book designed around Aladdin‘s Jasmine, you get gorgeous shades that celebrate the lush colors from the movie and Jasmine’s own vibrant wardrobe.

The lip gloss is a more translucent shade, but the different eyeshadows are quite pigmented and offer pops of color that even Jasmine would be proud to wear. As part of the beauty book, you also get instructions for how to get not one, but two different looks.

Not only is this beauty book collectible in its own right, but it offers you a chance to transform yourself into Princess Jasmine. Considering the instructions give you two different looks to try out, you can decide what look you love best and then create your own.

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