Kevin Feige addresses how Marvel Studios will move on when its actors decide to


Marvel Studios has been lucky to have some great actors in its first 10 years, but they’ll have to move on eventually. Kevin Feige addressed what Marvel Studios’ plans are for when those moments come.

This is an idea you might not like to think about, but you have to accept the harsh reality that one day, your favorite actors and superheroes might not be in the MCU anymore. We’ve kind of been prepped for that in Infinity War (even though the Loki fandom is still holding out hope for one last miracle), but things have to end eventually.

Kevin Feige and the rest of the team at Marvel Studios knows this. One day, Captain America and Iron Man might have to go to the big farm upstate. And by that, we mean the upstate Avengers HQ, of course — where they’ll hopefully spend their days in a room with a view, not worried about any crazy thing that tries to threaten the Earth.

On that note, speaking to The Costco Connection (yes, really), Feige explained how Marvel will end up handling the day when its longest-standing Marvel actors will want to move on:

"That’s what we can look to in the comics. And that’s why these characters are so relevant. I talk about 10 years of movies, but it’s 50-plus years of comics.And they’re just as relevant and popular And that’s because they do get updated. They do change with the times. I have no doubt that all of our actors, who are in peak physical shape, have got another 50 years in them to be heroes.In terms of the specifics of how we will evolve the characters, thankfully I don’t have to really think about it yet. Cause we’re still finishing what we started here with Avengers: Infinity War."

That response seems a bit weird for a company that’s planning itself out years in advance. Maybe that’s just because Feige isn’t willing to reveal all of Marvel’s bag of tricks just yet. But you have to admit, it’s odd that Feige says we’re just finishing what they started with Avengers: Infinity War, knowing that he himself said Avengers 4 will bring a close to certain chapters of the MCU.

We have a hunch that Marvel Studios really does have this figured out. Because they’ll have to do some Spring cleaning for the newer superheroes. Contracts end, and actors will want to move on to other things. They’ll have to trade in their Captain America for Captain Marvel at some point, and Black Widow for Miss Marvel. Not to say the old heroes are replaceable; Marvel will just need to make some room on their roster.

Although, the most telling line is the very first, where he says the comics will be their inspiration. Perhaps we can look to some of those storylines to get a clue of how things might happen. For example, in the future, Bucky later assumes the role of Captain America, rather than Steve Rogers.

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Then again, Marvel has been known to use characters as inspiration for its movies, not entire plots. So the comics might only act as a guide, but it’s probably likely that no huge plotlines will be ripped directly from the comic books. These movies are loose adaptations here, and Marvel likes to keep surprises up its sleeves.