How Avengers 4 could mark the end of an MCU chapter


An interview with Kevin Feige has resurfaced where he says Avengers 4 will have a definitive ending. Here’s what that could look like.

It goes without saying that all good things come to an end. And the Marvel Studios isn’t excluded from that universal rule. The MCU as a whole might not be coming to a close, but we can expect certain storylines to finally wrap up.

We can be sure of this because Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has made it pretty clear that these are Marvel’s intentions. In an interview with the Toronto Sun that’s been making its way around the internet again, Feige claims that Avengers 4 will have a definitive ending to its storyline.

To him, this is the key to good storytelling, just like how Return of the Jedi marked the end of the Star Wars saga (at least until the prequels or The Force Awakens). So while the MCU may go on through its numerous other sequels, a long-standing chapter must come to a close in the MCU by the time we get to the next Avengers movie — and we’ve already seen this set up in Avengers: Infinity War.

The ending of Infinity War seems to best illustrate how that could happen. After Thanos’ snap, most of the Avengers we’re left with are the ones considered as the original Avengers. While it might be relieving that these heroes survived, it might not be so comforting to think about what could happen to them next.

Worst case scenario, we get a lot of deaths out of this group. That means our originals (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow) are all pretty much up for elimination. Marvel might not decide to kill them all off, but it’s likely that at least one of them could die in Avengers 4. And since we know from Infinity War that the Russo brothers aren’t playing around when it comes to killing off characters, this group can’t be safe for long.

If some of the characters of the original Avengers do survive, it might seem odd to bring a close their chapters just by having them retire. Is it bad for Tony Stark to sit the rest of the fights out just because he’s had enough after Thanos? We certainly wouldn’t blame him if he did. Or what about Thor, who certainly has years of life left in him? Will we just have to pretend that he’s off doing “king stuff,” making him too busy to fight any battles? Only time will tell.

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Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have done a great job at throwing us curveballs and writing fresh, original plots. So we wouldn’t hold it against them to completely flip the script altogether when it comes to giving these heroes an ending. Of course, Joe, Anthony, and Feige will remain tight-lipped about all that until the movie premieres. So we’ll have to see how things really “end” for the Avengers when Avengers 4 comes out next year.