The 100: Is Blodreina gone for good, and what does that mean for Octavia?


During this week’s episode of The 100, Octavia Blake found her humanity again. But does that mean that Blodreina is gone for good?

Throughout the fifth season of The 100, a clear distinction has been made between Octavia Blake, the girl viewers knew six years ago, and Blodreina, the brutal tyrant she became. Recent episodes have been full of both, though Blodreina usually takes over when it’s time to make decisions — an unfortunate reality for our heroes.

During “Damocles Part One,” Octavia nearly dies to save the people she cares about. And while Echo and Madi show up just in time to save her, it appears that she underwent a more metaphorical death. In sacrificing herself for the others, she found her humanity again. She didn’t die, but the darkness inside of her did.

It’s a reasonable argument, especially given that the scene follows her revelation that she “broke” Wonkru. Realizing that she’ll never be able to atone for the things she’s done, she offers one last heroic gesture: running into the line of fire to save Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia.

It’s definitely a turning point for Octavia’s character, but can one act possibly erase the darkness that’s grown inside of her for six years? It’s questionable. With Octavia still alive, there will be plenty of opportunities for her to return to Blodreina. Let’s just hope that her near-death encounter is actually enough to keep her grounded.

And if Blodreina doesn’t come back, fans have to wonder what Octavia’s role will be going forward. Most of her people have made it clear that they’ll no longer follow her, and Madi is preparing to take command of the grounder armies. The idea of Octavia bending the knee to Madi is a strange one, and there’s always the possibility that Wonkru will want her banished entirely.

It’s also possible that Octavia will follow Spacekru from now on. Her brave act on the battlefield might have paved the way to mending things with her brother, and the rest of the group don’t really have any problems with her. But if they do manage to take the valley, viewers have to wonder whether or not Spacekru will remain a separate entity from Wonkru.

Hopefully, we’ll discover Octavia’s plans for the future during next week’s episode — though judging by the promo, the group has bigger problems, and there may be no valley to share either way.

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“Damocles Part Two” airs Tuesday, July 7 at 8 p.m. EST.