The 100 season 5 episode 12 preview: Damocles Part One


“The Dark Year” was full of surprises and betrayals leading up to the battle between Wonkru and Eligius. During “Damocles: Part 1,” we’ll see the consequences.

Last week’s episode of The 100 ended with some bad news for Wonkru. After watching Echo relay McCreary’s battle plans to Bellamy and Octavia, Kane and Diyoza return to Shallow Valley to offer McCreary some help. Wonkru and Spacekru have been double-crossed, and they don’t even know it yet.

But the promo for “Damocles: Part One” suggests that they’ll soon find out. The odds seem dangerously stacked against our heroes, and it’s beginning to look like Eligius has a chance of winning this war.

Watch the preview here:

The episode trailer opens with Clarke telling Madi, “I will not let you die in this war.” While she says this, there’s a shot of Wonkru’s army fiercely marching toward Shallow Valley. Fans can only assume Madi wants to help them, but will she find a way around Clarke to do it?

Then there’s a clip of Abby and Kane speaking to one another. They’re holding hands, though it doesn’t look like the rift between them is fully mended. Abby tells him: “First, we survive. Then we get our humanity back.” But he looks at her doubtfully, saying that he wishes he still believed that. He takes his hand away with those words, reemphasizing the distance between them this season.

Following this clip, there’s one of a cannon going off. We see an explosion with what appears to be a number of casualties. Let’s just hope they’re nameless and faceless ones.

We also get some foreboding moments from Spacekru. There’s a clip of Echo telling the others that “something’s wrong,” followed by one of Murphy asking, “Where the hell is everyone?” This seems to be the moment they realize they’ve been betrayed. And judging by the panic in their voices, the consequences are going to be dire.

The trailer closes with more cannons blasting, as Octavia shouts “Attack!” at her army. She looks far less confident than she did at the beginning of the promo, and the advanced Eligius weaponry is probably the reason. Wonkru might have stood a chance when they had the element of surprise, but now that McCreary and Diyoza know their strategy, it’s bound to be a massacre.

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“Damocles: Part One” airs on Tuesday, July 31 at 8 p.m. EST.