The Originals season 5 episode 13 review: When the Saints Go Marching In


The series finale of The Originals taps the final nail into the big bad wolf that ran out of huff and puff a long time ago.

Since their introduction in The Vampire Diaries, and throughout The Originals, the Mikaelson family have been some of the nastiest, cheekiest, and most fiery vampires to grace our screens. In the finale, however, their blazing determination peters out to a mere wisp of ashes. Even Hope, who commenced this season with a guns-blazing approach to reason, morphs into a statue of stoicism as she accepts that no magic in the supernatural realm can save her father from the evil magic that consumes him.

In the wistful series finale of The Originals, “When the Saints Go Marching In,” the Mikaelson family reunites to say farewell to Klaus before he ends his immortal existence. Caroline visits New Orleans to say goodbye. All hopes of a happy couple running off into the sunset are dashed. Remaining always and forever a Salvatore, Caroline kisses Klaus goodbye and doesn’t look back, literally.

CW did release a deleted #Klaroline scene:

It was a surprise to see Vincent return, and even more surprising for him to be calm and complimentary, rather than blame Klaus and the vampires for every terror in the world. As Freya’s bestie, he is a superb choice to be a parent with newlyweds Freya and Keelin. The future baby Mikaelson, witch-witch-wolf, could spawn a series spin-off, from a series spin-off, from a series spin-off …

As per Kol’s advice, Rebekah chooses love, proposes to Marcel, and joins the vampire love train that is heading out of Dodge. Klaus tells Rebekah that Caroline will secure the cure for her in Mystic Falls, so in a few decades, Rebekah may become mortal. For the time being, The Vampire Diaries’ fans are at peace knowing that the human with the cure, Damon Salvatore, will enjoy a happy off-screen existence before Rebekah takes the cure and his life.

Viewers are cheated out of an afterlife scene with #Klamille, as Cami returns to Klaus only as an evil magic hallucination, akin to when Klaus was stabbed with Papa Tunde’s blade. The wicked Mikael also returns as a vision. Last week, I had hoped that Mikael’s return would be real, and that somehow, Elijah would end his life in a heroic battle, protecting Klaus and Hope. How wrong I was.

Rather than seek his own redemption, Elijah declares that his motivation was to ensure that Klaus achieved his. As a sacrificial lamb for his daughter, Klaus’ atonement is complete. Thus too, is Elijah’s duty. Elijah breaks the white oak stake in two, the pair end each other, and they drift to heaven-knows-where in a united swirl of embers.

There is no ghastly ghoul unearthed from the depths of hell. There is no white oak paintbrush wielded as a weapon – perhaps Hope may inherit the paintbrush for her trip back to Mystic Falls and upcoming series Legacies. There is no fanfare at the Mardi Gras. The clan’s composure, acceptance of Klaus’ fate, and lack of blood being drunk at the last supper all languidly press the final stake into The Originals‘ coffin.

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With the dysfunctional family having reunited and mended rips in the earlier episode at Freya and Keelin’s wedding, the finale of The Originals could have ended with vigor. Instead, the finale is representative of the final season — a slow desiccation.

Legacies premieres Thursday, October 25 at 9 p.m. on The CW.