Sherlock insider teases a fifth season just might be in the works


While the Sherlock showrunners haven’t confirmed for sure that we’ll get a fifth season, a notable person close to the cast has reason to think the game is on.

Regardless of what you thought about the last season of Sherlock, you have to admit you’d still be anxious to watch a fifth season of the show if it were announced. And even though Steven Moffat or Mark Gatiss haven’t necessarily confirmed a new season just yet, a certain insider close to them is sharing some good news about the future of the show.

That insider is the famed owner of Speedy’s Cafe in London, Chris Georgiou. Speedy’s, as you might recall, is the café right next to 221B Baker Street where Sherlock, John, and others have often sat for a nice meal and a chat.

Although, the restaurant isn’t just a fictional location; it’s a real restaurant in London that even feeds the cast and crew, as the RadioTimes mentions. Since the café is so close to the Sherlock cast, Georgiou had a bit of a surprise announcement to reveal about the show during a profile of Speedy’s for TimeOut London.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I’ve heard they’ll be coming back for a fifth season,” Georgiou said in the profile.

That was all he had to say, but probably because he doesn’t want Moffat or Gatiss hunting him down for giving away such a huge reveal. Everything has been pretty much up in the air about a fifth season, with signs pointing to “anything can happen” given the fourth season’s ending.

While the other seasons had all ended on exciting cliffhangers, season 4 ended with Sherlock and John just sort of getting things back to normal — well, the new normal, considering John now has a daughter and Sherlock now has a sister. It could totally be a definitive ending for the series, or things could continue whenever the time was right.

The only problem with continuing the series with this “new normal” is that it might disrupt the feel of the old show that fans have come to know and love. The biggest issue is, how are the duo going to get back to solving mysteries if John has to be a full-time dad? The main thing that hurt the fourth season (the 40 percent rotten score speaks for itself) is that Sherlock and John didn’t spend as much time together as they did in previous seasons. And separating Sherlock and John is like breaking a cardinal Holmes rule.

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If Georgiou is right about the reveal, the next season will really have to step it up. We need more John and Sherlock solving crimes, and less of the duo trying to complete escape rooms — leave that part (the escape rooms, that is) to the fans.