25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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Whiskey Cavalier – ABC

What you’re watching: This is Scott Foley doing his Scott Foley best. Foley plays FBI super agent Will Chase, but is also known by the world’s best codename, Whiskey Cavalier. He’s tough when it comes to catching bad guys, but he also has a really tender and sensitive side. He gets paired with a tough, no-nonsense CIA agent, Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan), with an equally badass codename, Fiery Tribune.

Together, they assemble a team of hilarious and (mostly) effective agents to routinely save the world. While they’re saving us all, they also get to dabble with a little romance and form some friendships along the way.

What it reminds you of: In tone and mood, it really calls up some Castle memories, although Foley can really give Nathan Fillion a run for his money in the charm department. It’s been a while since ABC has had a spy drama on the air, but Whiskey Cavalier is no Alias.

Long-term potential: Despite its silly name, we’ve got high hopes for this show. It looks fun and light, and we love a primetime leading man in a suit. The show’s tongue-in-cheek attitude is a nice change from the truckloads of self-serious programming under which Fall audiences will be buried. I’m totally on board with this show, and I think others will follow suit.