25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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Proven Innocent – FOX

What you’re watching: A legal show that positions an acquitted woman as the lawyer. Madeline Scott (Rachelle LeFevre) was wrongly convicted of her best friend’s murder and went to prison. Her verdict was overturned, she went to law school, and now works as a defense attorney, defending the wrongly accused.

After seven years in prison, she joins the firm of the very attorney who helped to defend her. There are a handful of other attorneys, including one played by Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser, and a true crime podcaster played by Nikki M. James.

What it reminds you of: It’s a lawyer show, folks, so you get exactly what you expect. However, ABC attempted almost this exact same premise in 2016 with the short-lived Conviction. In this show, the head lawyer didn’t go to jail, but she was a bit of a media celebrity. It has the same shameless earnestness as every other legal drama, and you’ll get the same righteous indignation from these characters as you do from all other TV lawyers.

Long-term potential: There are a slew of legal dramas coming out this fall, and it’s unlikely this one will stand out. However, FOX is pretty good about standing behind a show for longer than it should, so it might eventually find an audience.