25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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The Passage – FOX

What you’re watching: This show is billed by the network as an “epic, character-driven thriller,” and touts Ridley Scott as executive producer and writers from Friday Night Lights. The show focuses on a mysterious government plot called Project Noah, in which scientists are working with a dangerous virus that has the potential to cure every disease ever.

Because the virus has dangerous side effects for adults — like turning them into zombies — they choose a young girl as the main text subject. Mark Paul Gosselaar plays the agent responsible for bringing her in, but he has a crisis of conscience and decides to protect her instead. They go on the run as a global epidemic is set to wipe out the population.

What it reminds you of: Patients ravaged by the virus look like zombies from the FX show The Strain, with the accompanying strength and agility as well. The added element of the fugitive child and her protector looks a lot like the apocalyptic drama Revolution, except the lights stay on in this series.

Long-term potential: We’re always going to root for a show with Zack Morris in it, but this a little too high-concept, even for us. Individually, the storylines are fascinating all on their own. But you try to put them all together in a network show, and it’s doubtful audiences are going to continue to buy in.