25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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The Grand Hotel

What you’re watching: This is a sexy, modern, multicultural take on the whole upstairs/downstairs concept. Eva Longoria executive produced this soapy drama about the last family owned hotel in Miami. Demian Bichir is Santiago Mendoza, the charismatic patriarch and head of the family. He’s married to the beautiful and controversial Gigi (Roselyn Sanchez), and her role as the second wife is often a point of contention with his two children. The hotel is run by scads of staff, and we get to see both how the rich folks carry on in the main parts of the hotel, as well as how the employees go about their business behind the scenes.

What it will remind you of: It’s a less white and far less stuffy Downton Abby. Of course, it’s got far more boobs and bare abs, but it’s also got a liveliness than the British soap. There’s enough sex and intrigue to remind you of the ’80s Hotel, starring James Brolin, although some of the antics on this show would make Connie Selleca blush.

Long-term potential: I predict this show does pretty well. It looks campy and juicy enough to hold our attention, and it’s a solid bet that Longoria knows how to keep us watching — pretty, rich people doing unbelievably stupid things. There are so few shows depicting LatinX characters, so I’m happy to see The Grand Hotel look so promising. If you ask me, this could be the nighttime soap everyone is talking about this year.