25 of the most buzzworthy new shows for Fall 2018

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The Fix

What you’re watching: More OJ-adjacent stuff. Executive produced and co-written by Marcia Clark, The Fix is about a female district attorney who loses the murder trial of a very high profile celebrity. Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnvoye-Adbage) was accused, and then acquitted, of murdering his then-girlfriend. The Clark-esque characater, Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) retreats to a quieter town after the devastating loss, but is called back up when Sevvy is accused of murdering another girlfriend.

What it reminds you of: It’s essentially a thinly velied retelling of the OJ murder, except this murderer is an actor not a football player. If you want to watch a better take on the whole matter, check out FX’s American Crime Story. It does it much better. I believe it’s hoping to wade in the waters of last season’s mega-hit.

If Marcia Clark was going to write a show about her own life, I just wish it could have been about the erstwhile relationship between her and fellow DA Chris Darden. It would surely be more interesting than this dreck.

Long-term potential: Very low. If this show makes it a whole season, I’ll be surprised. Fresh, new legal shows are hard to pull off, especially when Law and Order runs in a continuous loop on cable. This is a tortured attempt to reinvent the wheel by adding a “true crime” gimmick. I’m skeptical.